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We’ve paid our members over $80 Million in cash.

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    Take some surveys, watch some videos, play some games, and best of all, get paid for it.

    -Lee M.
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    They have the best games, the best surveys, the best apps to play.

    -Nicole A.
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    It’s fun to learn and gives me a chance to earn all this extra cash in my free time.

    -Li K.

Join InboxDollars and earn money by watching videos and streaming TV content.

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How Does It Work?

It’s easy. Watch videos and TV content from your computer or smartphone. As you watch more videos, you earn virtual scratch-off cards to unlock prizes, anywhere from a couple of cents to a hundred dollars.

It’s easy to earn rewards with InboxDollars, we’re one of the best online cash reward sites out there. Our members earn cash, not points. Since 2000, we’ve paid over $59 Million in cash rewards to our members.

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Why Would Anyone Pay Me To Watch Videos?

Large companies and brands always want more consumers to find out about their upcoming films, products, and services. They need people to watch their content, and share it with their friends online. But with all of the noise out there, it can be hard to find viewers.

That’s where InboxDollars comes in. We connect you, our members, with these film studios, big brands, and other companies. When you watch these videos and engage with the content, InboxDollars gets paid and we share a portion of those earnings with you.

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Why Use InboxDollars?

Founded in 2000, InboxDollars has been paying real cash to millions of members for many years. Brands know we’re the real deal. In fact, we’re one of the few legitimate sites that will pay real consumers like you for watching videos. A few cents here, a couple dollars there. It all adds up.

InboxDollars members are always looking for extra ways to save money and earn some extra cash. Our members are students, stay-at-home moms and dads, side hustlers, and people with regular nine-to-five jobs. You’re already watching videos online. Here’s your change to earn a little free money for it.

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How Do I Get Started?

You can sign up for free by registering your email address and creating a password to access your new InboxDollars account. You’ll even get an immediate $5 added to your account once you activate your email!

Then you can start earning money by watching videos at home, work, or while you’re out and about through our InboxDollars app. In fact, it’s easy to earn on the go with InboxDollars. Many members earn with us while watching TV, on the bus, or waiting for their friend to show up!

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What Kind of Videos Will I Watch?

Videos change every day. From trending news topics to cooking to sports, there’s a wide range of content.

Each day there are typically 24-30 videos, or more, available within each category.

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    Trending News

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    Celebrity Gossip

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How Much Money Will I Earn?

Earning rewards is easy. You’ll start with $5 in your account as soon as you activate your email, so you’ve got some free cash already!

  • Watch videos and earn virtual scratchcards. The more content, the more scratchcards you’ll earn.
  • Most scratch-offs pay from $0.05-$0.25, but members can earn $5, $10, $25, or more.
  • You can also earn money for completing daily polls, taking short surveys, searching the web, reading PaidEmails, and more.
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How Do I Get Paid?

When you’re ready, getting paid is easy. You can request payment quickly and easily, via cash, gift card, or PayPal.

  • Payments processed every Wednesday.
  • Check payments mailed directly to your home address.
  • Electronic gift cards to Amazon, Walmart, Target, and other retailers.
  • Option to donate to Animal Humane Society, Red Cross, or other charities.
  • Over 15,000 members paid every week.
Laptop computer with icons for PayPal and giftcards from Amazon, Target, Walmart, and Visa is behind a cell phone with a screen from

About InboxDollars

Since 2000, InboxDollars has paid over $59 Million in cash rewards to our members for their everyday online activities like reading emails, taking online surveys, playing games, and watching videos and watching TV.

We also have regular contests for our members to win money and prizes, and we share top ways for members to get beauty samples, free printable coupons, and other free stuff online.

InboxDollars is an award-winning company recognized by Inc. 5000 for outstanding growth. We have been featured in Forbes1, Mashable2, Bustle3, Yahoo! Finance News4, and numerous other news outlets a top way to earn money online. We are also A+ Rated and Accredited with the Better Business Bureau, giving our members extra peace of mind about signing up.

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